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     Welcome to the website of Liberty and Life Music Inc..

      For the past 18 years, Artist and Author Maryann D'Amico,has combined  creative art forms working to create art for the service and love of others.She has produced hundreds of works including songs,children's books,paintings,poetry and unique children's toys.

     Recently,Maryann has focused on using her creative talents for the  benefit of establishing Liberty and Life Music Inc. for service to  single mother's and their children.

      In addition,another special project has been in the works. Arrow In the Wind,has been implemented to help stop violence.  Using her talents to produce music,video's,photography and fine art to increase awareness of violence against the single mother ,especially the single mother with disabilities, who are the poorest members of our society. 

     Maryann has  relied 100% on donations of others to create artistic expressions for educational purposes and for fund raising for poor single mothers.  None of her work has been possible without the loving kindness of others and the generosity they manifest. So,in essence,every donor is a part of this mission. 

     This mission is a labor of Love creating artistic expressions for educational purposes. This mission is about the Heart. Everything is done with Love , for Love and by Love. 

     Maryann has dedicated  her work in the memory of the Great Hearts that that have touched her life and manifested Great Love in some way in their lifetime. Their Memorials are posted on the sidebar. Please donate in memory of one of these great individuals to pass their loving kindness on to those most in need in society,the single mother and her children.

    Recently, Maryann has established The Missionaries of Saint Therese Community on Google Plus. There are currently 39 members.The Mission is to Love. It's focus is the daily practice of ,The Little Way, for the benefit of the missions worldwide.This practice is one of daily prayer,virtue and sacrifice. Within the Mission,is also the opportunity to join as a Missionary Artist,to use your creative talents to lift the world out of despair through the arts with a spirit of renewed efforts toward re-evangelization, bringing a renewed epiphany through use of talents, to love, to know and to serve God. All those interested should fill out the form on "A Mission for the Arts" link in the sidebar menu.

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